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WPOptimal is a unique, pioneering framework with its own exclusive community. As a game-changing tool it gives members the opportunity to get ahead of the curve and the competition.

So, What Do I Need To Know?

Google has now changed their primary algorithm when it comes to ranking websites. This means that sites will now be measured on a variety of different elements when being ranked. Possibly the biggest part of these changes is that they are now being ranked mobile-first, so websites must be built with this in mind to have the best possible chance of top positioning ranking moving forward throughout 2021 and beyond.

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Mobile-First or Mobile-Friendly?

Mobile-first and mobile-friendly are NOT the same thing. As we move forward this will become even more apparent however here is a simple way to look at it…

Desktop is the old way of construction: While mobile-friendly is making a desktop site presentable on mobile devices = Desktop REDUCED to Mobile

Mobile-first puts the emphasis on the mobile version of the site before the desktop = Mobile EXPANDS to Desktop

This simple explanation becomes a lot more complicated when it comes to actually building the foundation of your website. However to keep it straight forward just know that it is of extremely high importance that you build your websites with a mobile-first foundation.

Why Do I Need Mobile-First to Rank?

Building your website only mobile-friendly just doesn't cut it anymore. Core Web Vitals are the new UX metrics which Google are now using. These new measurements test a variety of different elements on your website including Page Speed, Responsiveness and Visual Stability. With this being the case, it’s clear to see that it is ever more important to build your websites mobile-first.

With Google having now switched over to mobile-first indexing, your website MUST be mobile-first in order to be indexed properly and therefore ranked. Mobile-first is not a trend of the future, it's already here and it's not going anywhere.

What Does This Mean for My Current Sites?

The short answer is that you should consider rebuilding your existing websites. It is generally best practice to update and rebuild your website every few years, to ensure you keep everything up-to-date with regards to coding, user experience, business relevance and, of course, better ranking.

How Do I Make Sure That I Am Building Mobile-First Going Forward?

You basically have 2 choices… You can choose to learn HTML, PHP, MySQL, Javascript, etc. yourself and manually build your new mobile-first site(s) from the ground up. Or you can simply invest in a professional mobile-first framework which can take care of the heavy lifting for you!

WPOptimal 2.0

What Exactly is WPOptimal and How Can It Benefit Me?

WPOptimal is a professional WordPress framework for easily creating fully optimized, hi-performance, mobile-first websites.

Each element of WPO is highly optimized for mobile-first right out of the box. Built with great care, this lean ultra-fast framework does most of the work for you. All you need to think about is how you want to design your website.

Using WPOptimal will make your site building faster and more efficient whilst retaining as much optimization as possible.


Each individual part of the WPO framework has been fully optimized independently, then carefully constructed to work interdependently with every other part, creating the highest possible performance, resulting in faster sites and better rankings.

Check Latest Cutting-Edge Code

Check Modular Construction

Check Separates Code from Design
Check Advantage Over Other Websites

Check Faster to Adapt to Future Changes

Check Helps Streamline Performance
Check Solid Foundation

Check Website Longevity

Check Improved Speed

Mobile-First Technology

WPOptimal has been custom built exclusively to mobile-first guidelines. As you know, Google has now switched over to mobile-first indexing meaning that your website must be built mobile-first to give it the best possible chance of ranking.

Check HTML5 / CSS3

Check Bootstrap 5

Check Fully Fluid & Responsive
Check Custom HTML & CSS Options

Check Pre-Optimized Breakpoints

Check Expands/Shrinks to Each Device
Check Unlimited Creativity

Check Unlimited Grid Layout

Check Scales Across ALL Devices

Mobile-First Optimization

All coding has been constructed from the ground up with the utmost efficiency and streamlined to give you maximum optimization out of the box. Also, WPOptimal has been built so that the user can minimize plugins.

Check No Bloat

Check Interdependently Optimized

Check Minimal JavaScript
Check No Excess Code

Check Ultra Optimization

Check Improved Speed
Check Faster Website

Check Faster Website

Check You Guessed It - Faster Website!

One-Click Image Optimization

Once you have built your page simply click the optimize button and within seconds the WPOptimal servers will have optimized your page. Creating EVEN further speed and performance.

No More Wasting Countless Hours Optimizing Your Images

Image Optimizer

Easy-To-Use Click&Go™ Template Builder

Intuitively design your layouts in minutes whether simple or complex. Build out your content in WordPress or WPOptimal. Customize the perfect design with the WPO custom CSS editor. Add custom HTML to any section of your layout. Or, if you would rather keep it simple, edit and/or design directly with our proprietary Click&Go™ Template Builder.

Check No Need to Understand PHP (placeholders)

Check Easy-To-Use WPO Click&Go™ Template Builder

Check Pre-optimized Breakpoints (auto responsive)

Check Detachable Header & Footer
Check Custom HTML Sections (placeholders)

Check Unlimited Layouts and Cloneable Templates

Check Build with Template Builder or WordPress

Check Fast Newbie-Friendly Intuitive Layout Tools

Can You Prove WPOptimal Gets Results?

I hope you are asking this question as there are many strong claims online with very poor results. This often means that when something great does come along, it's hard to spot, or believe. The goal here is to share with you an amazing product that will make your job a whole lot easier and your workflow much more efficient, whilst leaving your competition in the dust.

Results Speak Louder Than Words...

Watch the short video below to discover how to quickly create a web page using WPOptimal's proprietary template builder - then witness it being put through the toughest performance tests online though Google Page Speed Insights (PSI). You'll be amazed!

WPO 5 Min. Build

Test Your Own Page on Google PSI. See How it Compares...!

WPOptimal Benefits

Cutting-Edge Software

Check WPOptimal Framework

Check WPO Click&Go™ Template Builder

Check 100 Licenses

Check 1 Month Premium Complimentary Membership

Exclusive Private Membership

Check Ongoing Software Updates

Check Ongoing Access to Optimization Tools & Servers

Check Premium One-to-One Personal Support

Check Access to WPOptimals Exclusive Community

Get Tomorrow's Technology TODAY!

WPOptimal 2.0 Basic

[For Up To 5 Sites]


WPOptimal 2.0 Standard

[For Up To 15 Sites]


WPOptimal 2.0 Premium

[For Up To 100 Sites]


30-Days Money Back Guarantee

30-Day "No Quibble" Guarantee

Due to the versatility of WPOptimal, you will find it quickly paying for itself. With Premium Personal Support and the outstanding WPO Community forum you'll master WPO in no time.

With that said we understand that not everyone will be at this level yet, which is why you have a full 30 days to try it for yourself.

If you are not 100% happy, for ANY reason, simply cancel your subscription within the first 30 days and we will promptly give you a full refund - No Questions Asked!


Mobile Friendly

Mobile Friendly

WPOptimal features a mobile friendly, responsive first website layout using Bootstrap.

Full Screen

Full Screen Landing

Using Bootstrap, the WPOptimal theme features a full screen carousel landing page.

Custom Animation

Custom Animation

Animate.css and Waypoints.js allow for smooth animations scrolling down the site.

Parallax Scrolling

Parallax Scrolling

Fixed background images allow the theme to have content-filled parallax scrolling sections.

Content Slider

Content Slider

Owl.Carousel.js makes navigating content sliders seamless with it's content carousel navigation.

Content Form

Contact Form

The Bootstrap HTML form will send directly to your email address or Gmail account.

A old mentor of mine, Mark Joyner, once told me that the surest way to fail was to give up. As his words sank in, I realized where I was going wrong. It's not that I had given up, as I seemed to be really busy all the time, and I did get plenty of things done. The problem was they were not the RIGHT things to be doing if I wanted to be successful.

I suddenly understood that jumping from one project to another was getting me nowhere fast. Yes, I was certainly busy and working hard, but there was no real income coming in - although plenty going out, chasing the next bright, shiny promise of "push-button" riches.

I decided to stop playing at being an Internet Marketer and take on my "big boy" pants! ...

The Secret is to Keep Going!

The Results Speak for Themselves...



After: 700% performance increase!


I want to give my recommendations for Chris Freeman. Chris’s expertise and knowledge regarding website build / structure and all its technicalities is the best I know. When Chris showed me WPOptimal and the power behind both the concept and the build, I knew he had developed the ultimate web platform, and being user-friendly from a WordPress perspective made it a no brainer for me. WPOptimal is a game changer! It is the fastest web platform in the world in my opinion. Nothing else comes close. It performs like a Ferrari in speed, ability and ease of use. Well done Chris for bringing out a class product that is undoubtedly going to change the industry.

WPOptimal is the the best theme I have ever come across for simplicity and speed. I actually got 100/100 for mobile/desktop on one of my demo sites on PageSpeedInsights testing from Vancouver, BC. It has 19 images on it and quite a few css scripts. Try it yourself https://websitedemo.rocks/ashcroft/. You may have to click on Analyze twice or thrice. I have sold to 3 dentists and 2 industrial sites so far for website highspeed upgrades. None of my sites are doing less than 95 on the PageSpeed highway for mobile. Luckily no one is handing out speeding tickets yet!

Simple yet so powerful. I have worked with many popular WordPress themes in the past and nothing comes close to WPOptimal. I have so much fun building websites because WPOptimal is so flexible. I can design however I please without hindering on the performance. I have never seen this before. Simply have to experience it. Highly optimized, simple to use, flexible as it gives a canvas for ultimate creativity. And the support is outstanding. It feels good and refreshing to be part of a caring community. I love every part of it!

OK, So WPOptimal is Quick, Easy to Use and Performs Exceptionally Well ... - But Can It Also Help with Ranking?

Google USA Ranking Example
Google UK Ranking Example

I would like to give Chris Freeman a review on his new WPOptimal software for designing new websites. I have used WPO to transfer 3 of my websites and I found that the software is excellent. I am not a website designer, but with the first-class training that Chris provides, it is a walk in the park. All 3 of my websites are on page 1 in Google with my keywords, and on some searches, l have the top first 3 positions on page 1. I have also found that Chris is always available to help with any problems you might have.

My Results
After just a few months:
1. One of the new websites is on Page 1 at Position 1 in Google search results, without any backlinks.
2. The site that was migrated is now also on page 1 of Google at position 7 & 8.
3. The third website has 3 pages listed on page 2 of Google at positions 1,2 & 3.

WPOptimal 2.0 Basic

[For Up To 5 Sites]


WPOptimal 2.0 Standard

[For Up To 15 Sites]


WPOptimal 2.0 Premium

[For Up To 100 Sites]